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Executing and Managing the institutional transition from an Academy to a fully fledged Campus, whilst undertaking a 360 degree strategic marketing engagement, including marketing operations, student counseling and enrollment processes

Key Challenges

Repositioning an already established institutional identity and inducting a drastic change to its brand perception, is in itself is an arduous task. Institutional Image and Brand elevation from a perceivably lower level to that of an higher plateau is even more challenging. Since the inception, it was an institute that offered short programs in the fields of IT and English language, and was a tuition centre for programs offered by professional bodies. Now it’s launching its first ever undergraduate degree programs. Thus the institution itself had no experience, exposure and functional structures that suit a degree awarding university. Our task was to elevate the corporate and brand identity of ABC Institute to ABC Campus.

Strategic Approach
Home - Upwrite Consulting
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Home - Upwrite Consulting
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Home - Upwrite Consulting
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